School History

TWGHs Kwan Fong Kai Chi School is the second special school under Tung Wah Group of Hospitals. The campus is built on Nam Shan Chuen Road, Kowloon under the funding of 1.5 million by the government and Kwan Fong Charitable Foundation Limited. The student hostel is located in Chuk Yuen North Estate Pak Yuen House.

Our school started the service in September, 1989 and was awarded the Healthy School Silver Award in 2005.

School Facilities

Our school is a four-story building including a new and old wing, with a campus area of 2880 square meters.

The Nam Shan Chuen Road campus has 10 classrooms, visual art room, music room, technology and life room, Design and technology room, muti-media room, sensitivity and sport room, resource center, library, simulated tuck shop, student activity center, speech therapy room, gym room, counselling room, medical room, staff room, parent resource room, meeting room, conference room, auditorium, covered and uncovered playground.

The North Estate Pak Yuen Hostel has two stories. The ground floor includes an activity room, dining room, recreation room, multi-purposes room, kitchen, laundry room, medical room, office room, night security room, storage room; The first floor includes the hostel tutor room and seven rooms with bathrooms. Every room can accommodate six to eight students and is equipped with air-conditioner.


Our school can provide service of primary one to secondary six special education to 90 moderately mentally handicapped students aging from six to twenty years old; The hostel can accommodate 56 students living Five days Four nights per week.

Incorporated Management Committee

According to the Education (Amendment) Ordinance 2004, Our school set up an Incorporated Management Committee to include more stakeholders to increase the transparency and accountability of the school in terms of policy making. The committee members include the chancellor, Sponsoring body, the Principal, school staff representative, parent representative and independent school managers. The Chairman of the Board of the year will be the honorary chancellor. The purpose of the Incorporated Management Committee is to design school developmental strategy, review school efficiency and promote school sustainable development according to the school vision.